Discover the potential future exploitations of our innovative chip

The project has set itself the challenging aim of developing our innovative NEM switch technology into a spin off commercial venture. We are working hard to achieve this by creating and demonstrating suitable product applications. Whilst we will continually search out and refine new applications, our proposed initial demonstrator products are:

A “passport” chip for Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries
Embedded into the battery, it aims to make recycling of EV battery simpler and safer for a 2nd life in power grid energy storage, aiding dismantling for final recycling, thus increasing the 2nd hand value of the battery.

An IoT platform for
harsh environments
This will be a sensor/ actuator interface capable of low power operation at up to 1MRad and 325°C. Amongst many potential uses, our device aims to help improve energy use and realtime control of ovens, to simplify radiotherapy dosage and increase capability and human safety in the nuclear industry.

NEMS components
These two devices will be underpinned by individual NEMS components such as Non-Volatile Memory, Logic and Analogue to Digital Converters which will also be components potentially available for sale.

We plan to move our NEM switch process “from lab to fab”, we will refine and further prove our fabrication process flow in the commercial supply chain by several MEMS foundry runs.

Guiding our path, will be a Business Interest Group (BIG) consisting of potential customers, funders and stakeholders. We will consult our BIG on regular basis to ensure viable products and develop a realistic business strategy. We look forward to publicising our project’s progress via conferences, publications, papers, our website and LinkedIn to inform science, create interest, and raise our “NEM switch” brand profile.

Finally, to help launch the technology commercially, we will train the project team in the commercial aspects of starting and the exciting prospect of running a new technology company.

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